The Shirt Off My Back!

T-shirtStay cool all year long in an official www. jeffthomas. com T-shirt.  It's the boldest fashion statement since the "parachute pants" craze—and it's yours just for asking!

To get your 100 percent cotton T-shirt absolutely free, simply contact me using the form on this page.  Please include your name, address, daytime phone number and shirt size [which doesn't matter unless you wear XL, the only size that I have]!

The T-shirt—Get yours today, because all of the cool kids are wearing them:
Dad! My Dad!
Greg! Shogun Greg,  the warrior king of Japan!
Heidi! Heidi, the former maternity wear model!
Amanda! Heidi's Daughter Amanda, who says, "It's great to spit-up on!"
Sweet Meat! Supermodel "Sweet Meat!"
Buddy! Sweet Meat's Cat Buddy, who says, "Litter box, schmitter-box ... nothing beats the absorbency a t-shirt!  Meow!"
Bo knows! Eighties' sex symbol Bo Derek, who says, "For my next poster, you can be sure I'll wear a wet T-shirt!  Now stop bothering me, Jeff!"

Enter your information here to get your free T-shirt!

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Jeff! T-shirt, Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  Supplies are limited, so act now.  Offer valid in 49 US states.  If you've read this far,  it has hopefully already dawned on you that this is a joke.  Yes, there is such thing as a T-shirt— but, no, you're not going to get one by filling out the novelty form above.  Give it a try, though— it's pretty funny, but it only reliably works with Internet Explorer; Netscape has grown increasingly intolerant of my poorly coded shenanigans. If you really want a T-shirt, then A.] God help you, and B.] ask me nicely at and I might oblige.   It's also your golden opportunity to let me know I "suck," as throngs of anonymous visitors before you have told me!   

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