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I am Jeff Thomas.  jeffthomas.com is little more than a vanity license plate on the information superhighway. Your mom says to pack a sweater.  I suggest a Java-, JavaScript- and frames-enabled browser [Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6 seem to work OK], Flash Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, 16-bit color or better, and a love of "The Gong Show".
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About Me
My life has been modified from its original version.  It has been formatted to fit your screen.
My family, my car, my favorite Chinese eatery, the time when I met Freddy Krueger, and more than you can stand of me mugging it up.
Jeff waxes semi-poetic about Charles Bronson, The Artist Currently Known As Prince, the female mind, etc.
My cyber junk drawer, where you'll find the only official jeffthomas.com screen saver, some ridiculous jeffthomas.com wallpaper for your PC, games, a "WebCam" and more!
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Now available in 16 delicious flavors: Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King, Groundhog, Valentine, Presidential, St. Patrick, Easter, Mother's Day, Summer Fun, Father's Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween [I and II] and yummy Thanksgiving Day turkey!
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Can't tear yourself away?  Interact with ferocious females and myself on the "Girls' Talk" message board, established in 1997 as part of the defunct "The People vs. Jeff Thomas" Web site.

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